Saved by a Christian Rap CD his friend gave him at 16 years old, KB has devoted his life to helping others experience the same encounter with God. While attending college at Trinity University, KB would preach at jails and detention centers. “I saw how effective it was to rap before I shared the gospel or to actually rap the gospel, so I kept doing it.” KB speaks from the street and scripture on his newest Dove award-winning album, His Glory Alone.

“I’ve always wanted to make a project where a bunch of worlds converged. It’s who I am... The idea has been in my heart for a long time. I finally made it happen on His Glory Alone. The things I love most—prayer, celebrating God, and music—come together to hopefully encourage, empower, and heal. God is the highest expression of the brilliance, splendor, genius, and all of the things that make you feel awe. Helping others see His grace will be my focus until I die.”