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No Sleep Til MOTION

July 28 - 30, 2022




July 28-30, 2022
We See A World

Birmingham, AL
Legacy Arena at the BJCC
middle school / high school / college

MOTION has never been about a conference; it’s never been about lights, bands, or speakers. It's always been about one thing: a generation of young people, empowered by Jesus, putting their faith into MOTION every day.

We see a world that is restored by His love, rooted in His Word and reflecting His light. It is our prayer that students and youth leaders leave the conference refreshed, equipped, and inspired to be released and live their lives in MOTION at home, in the local church, in their cities, and around the world.

Everyone, everywhere - come join us back in the Arena at MOTION 22!


a generation in motion

Last year I was hurt and lonely and looking to everything but God to fill that void. When I went to conference, I experienced a moment in God’s presence and knew that He had more for me than the life I was living. I found my freedom in Him and a new identity and ever sinc...
MOTION 15 changed my entire life. I was fifteen years old when I authentically encountered God’s presence for the very first time at MOTION. While I was worshiping in one of the sessions an overwhelming peace filled my heart and ignited passion in me to grow my relationsh...
I started coming to our Huntsville campus two years ago during Christmas and felt far from God. I was in college playing football at Murray state in Kentucky, giving freedom a try when I came home on the weekends. Served with our students team on Sundays just trying to fi...
Coming to MOTION, I had a lot on my heart and mind. I came in smiling but inside I was wrecked and was dealing with so much fear. During worship, I realized that God has had His hands stretched out to me all along, ready for me to give up my fears. I found peace, freedom,...